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terms of service offers link creation services as described on the website. All fees must be paid in full before the promotion starts.

Clients must approve the following regarding our link building services:

• All fees, services, documents, recommendations and reports are confidential.


• has no control over policies regarding the types of websites and content currently or in the future accepted by search engines. Client's website may be banned from blogs, websites, directories or search engines at any time at the sole discretion of the search engine or directory. • All fees are non-refundable and your acceptance of this agreement means that you have reviewed the following linking standards we adhere to and are satisfied with the metrics we guarantee.

All orders will receive a do-follow link for the DR area included in the relevant paragraph selected by the customer at checkout. Our goal is to provide currently relevant links to the pages you want your backlinks to go to. Our ideal link placement is the keyword in the article title and we always try to find it first.However, sometimes the blog owner has not yet written on a particular topic. So choose the next best post related to the topic.


• has no control over website or blog owners who remove links or content or delete/move/change websites. These placements are not refundable or exchangeable.


• In the unlikely event that a link is removed, we may replace the link within 12 months of purchase.


Under no circumstances will be liable to you for any damages, including (but not limited to) direct incidental or consequential damages, lost profits or claims of you or any third party made by his website. (end user). YOU, THE END USER, ASSUME ALL RISKS AND POTENTIAL DAMAGES (KNOWN OR UNKNOWN) ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR USE OF THE ARABICGUESTPOST.COM SERVICES.


• reserves the right to optimize anchor texts and other order details for successful placement. • does not guarantee search engine rankings for any particular keyword, phrase or search term. Also, Linkplicity does not guarantee increased traffic.


• is not responsible for any changes made to her website by other parties that affect the search engine ranking of her website for Customer.



As part of our Terms of Service, we assure all our customers that we will treat them with full respect for confidentiality. We do not sign non-disclosure agreements with each client individually, but you can request this.

The Recipient agrees not to use any Confidential Information disclosed by the other party (you) for any other purpose without first obtaining the other party's written consent.

We ensure that we do not disclose confidential information to third parties (other than your employees and professional advisors) who have a need to know for that purpose.

Restrictions reserves the right to cancel orders from sites in illegal or objectionable industries. Hateful, offensive, or defamatory illegal content, products, services, or services that target any group of people, race, gender, sexual orientation, or attack any person, company, organization, product, or service; item. animal cruelty; or otherwise found to be objectionable will be canceled and refunded.

If you are unsure if your site violates our restrictions, please contact us first.

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