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Who will write the guest posts?
We do that for FREE
We have an in-house team of Arabic writers responsible for creating the linked content. All content is checked and edited by proofreaders before being submitted to the website for upload.
Only you need to provide us with your links and keywords then we will do the rest.
Can I choose the Anchor Text and Destination URL?
Yes Sure, you have full control and choice over the anchor text and destination URL.
How many destination URLs can a guest post include?
3 destination URL is allowed per guest post.  Adding multiple URLs only dilutes the link juice pushed to the page.
Will I get a report with the live links?
Yes sure, as soon as the links be online.
Can I check some samples of your published links?
Yes sure, please visit the page Samples here.
What are the niches you are not accepted?
We do not accept the following niches:
Adults, pharmaceuticals, drugs like marijuana, gambling, any niche that promotes hate or violence. 
Do you offer any discounts?
We do not offer additional volume discounts as we price our links at wholesale prices.
Are you using a PBN?
NO, all links are backed by manual outreach campaigns.
How many guest posts will I need to publish?
There are no magic numbers. Some people think it's best to base it on the average number of links of the top-ranking websites in your niche, but it ranks as many websites with 70% fewer links than its competitors. attached. As with all SEO, quality > quantity. provides reliable and high quality links.
What is the processing time?
Average 1 to 3 days depending on how many links you bought.
How long is the link valid?
Unlimited. In the rare event that a link is removed, we will replace it with an equivalent link free of charge.
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